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Thursday Tasters - 03/05/2015: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Hi. Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters.

I'm so happy to announce the release of my double menage novella A Thrill Seeking Relationship.

So far, it has received a mass number of attention, and today I want to give you a little taste of my story in 272 words.

I want to give a big thanks to my street team Naughty Ladies Street Team. You all made it possible.

And here's to my fans.


Josh and Isabel ate their appetizer together in enjoyment. The dining atmosphere was so relaxing, they forgot they were in Manhattan enjoying a night out. Josh and Isabel finished the steam clams just before their entrĂ©es arrived – two Wagyu steaks, served with tomato pan sauce and crispy shallots. There wasn’t much to say, except for the satisfaction of good food. They were the only ones dining late at night, and all the other staff had gone home, leaving them alone with Demar to finish the night. When they finished their meals, the two sat back as they enjoy their glass of wine. Demar was at the bar, wiping down the liquor bottles with a towel when Isabel complimented Josh for a wonderful dining experience.
She spoke with a relaxed demeanor. “Mmm, Josh, you know how to pick a perfect atmosphere. If Demar wasn’t here right now,” she lowered her voice seductively, “I’d fuck you on this table.”
Josh gave a soft smile. “Well, you see, taking you here was part of the surprise.”
Isabel asked, “Part of the surprise?” Now she wondered, “What was the other surprise?”
Josh leaned in with a reply. “Remember that conversation we had together about sharing our ultimate fantasies?”
“Yeah,” then widen her eyes with a question. “Josh, are you really serious? Are you willing to share me with another man for the night?”
“Of course I am, you’ve always wanted a threesome with two men, right?”
Isabel pulled away, trying to be subtle as she could be, but she had to lean in. “Josh, are you real?”
Then Josh asked, “Why, are you having second thoughts?”

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See the blurb below:

Josh Trevelyan and Isabel Tavares are a thirty-something couple that seek the exciting things in their relationship. One of the fantasies they discussed together, long before they became lovers, was to be in a threesome together. When Josh and Isabel share a threesome with Isabel’s best friend, Lourdes Rivera, the two realize that Lourdes is the one that could bring true happiness to their relationship. But would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Release Day - A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Title: A Thrill Seeking Relationship
Author: Ray Sostre
Release Date: March 4th, 2015
Published by: Bitten Press, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic, MFM, FFM

Josh Trevelyan and Isabel Tavares are a thirty-something couple with a need to keep their relationship fun, adventurous, and naughty. When the two share a threesome with Isabel’s best friend, Lourdes Rivera, the two realized they found that special someone who would help fill the void, but would Lourdes consider being in a relationship with two people?

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*About Ray Sostre*

New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound.

Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010.  That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place for erotic authors.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 03/03/2015: Emma's Torment.

Happy Tuesday. It's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesdays, and I'm happy to provide a naughty little snippet in 200 words.

Why the hell did he had to be in the store – Jack, the salesperson. Emma was his first true love, but their love was only short-lived. She was getting married next month, and now she was in the fitting room trying on her wedding dress, with a need growing inside her. Wonderful flashbacks of her first true love ran through her mind; the way he kissed, the way he smiled; the way he fucked had her aching with need. She felt a delicious ache in her center, Emma couldn’t help but slide her hand inside her panties and get herself off, thinking about the moment when Jack pinned her against the wall shoving himself so deep, she was shuddering with excitement.

Then, she had to let a good man go. Why? Because she was young and foolish, looking for a man to take care of her, but seeing Jack in the store, selling her the dress had re-kindled her heart, but Jack was now a different man. He was nice, but he wasn’t paying any attention to her. That bastard! How dare he ignore her! For now, she’ll need to get herself off; the urge was too great to ignore.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Trivial Facts About - A Thrill Seeking Relationship by Ray Sostre

Hi. Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

As you can see, March 4th is the release day of my double menage novella A Thrill Seeking Relationship, which I had the privilege to share excerpts and snippets to my story, along with teasers, but who wouldn't want to know some trivial facts about my book?

I have 13 trivial facts about the story you probably never knew about.

You'll be amazed about what went behind my mind when i first wrote the story in 2014.

1. The story was first written in the late summer of 2014, but placed on hold due to my commitment in management. When I left management in November 2014, I picked up the story and went full swing for completion in 2014. I wanted this story to be a real trademark of my work.

2. A Thrill Seeking Relationship wasn’t the official title. In fact, before I began re-writing the story, it was nameless until I decided the story to be fun and adventurous. Upon completion, the story was picked up by Bitten Press, and this will mark the trademark of my writing, regarding no fluffs and fillers. It will also mark as my first menage story. I've written menage scenes, but only in flash fiction excerpts.

3. The story was edited by Elica Stoll, whom I'm proud to announce because she had edited the Love Out Of Lust Series, when I was an indie-author.

4. The characters, Josh and Isabel didn't have last names in the story. The original story was about two recovering sex addicts that get together in a relationship and go on numerous sexual adventures. Since I couldn't find the plot and purpose to the story, I changed it around to where the two are a couple (not sex addicts), and express their sexual adventures in the story.

5. The story was inspired by a real life couple, whose names I won’t mention, but their lifestyle does not reflect the reality of them.

6. Lourdes Rivera, originally, was supposed to be the home-wrecker in the relationship, but I didn't like the way the story was going, and I didn't want to use any realism in the story. My intention was supposed to be an HEA (happily ever after) ending. Had I put this scenario in the story, I would've killed the vibe of the story, in my opinion. I wanted my stories to be playful, and A Thrill Seeking Relationship was intended to be erotic, intimate, and fun, not dramatic.

7. Isabel in the story was supposed to be the jealous type in the end, but I'm glad I never worked it that way. I'm also glad that Isabel and Lourdes remained friends throughout the story, while they expressed their attraction to Josh. I know in reality it's not always that way, but I want to keep it fantasy.

8. In the menage scene (m/f/m), I somewhat struggled between the characters Josh and Demar with Isabel. I didn't want to be like the other menage stories I've read, where the sex scenes seemed limited. I want to get graphically detailed about what went on, while avoiding the cliches like other menage stories. 

9. Originally, in the menage scene (m/f/m), the name of the second male character was Chad Chapman, but I didn't like the creation of the character, and I wanted the menage scene to be interracial all the way. So I created the character that reflected the cool demeanor of the actor, Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds, respectively. Demar Chapman was created and the name sounded so much better.

10. In the menage scene (f/f/m), originally, Josh and Isabel were supposed to meet at an erotic gallery event they were invited to by Lourdes. Since the scene didn't pan out well, I omitted the story and created a very fun, erotic environment like Times Square and the strip club on 8th Avenue in NYC.

11. While writing the f/f/m scene was the easiest, and I love writing it a lot. I enjoyed learning how to write a m/f/m scene, and I will continue to do so in the future.

12. In the scene where Josh shows an elderly woman a condominium at the famous Ansonia Building, originally, Josh was supposed to show an elderly man the place, but the character didn’t set well with the story, so I deleted him and created the elderly woman in the story.

13. While the story involves swinging and multiple partners, none of my characters uses any condoms. I intended to put it that way, since there were too many authors using realism in their story, and lacking the creativity of making an erotic story enjoyable. I also intended to rebel against the critics about using condoms in the story. However, in real life, I am a firm believer in using condoms, if you choose to live this lifestyle.

Ray Sostre

Be on a lookout for A Thrill Seeking Relationship 


I promise not to disappoint you.

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Random Short Snippets - 02/28/2015: I Can Explain

I hope your weekend is going well. In celebration of Google backing down from eliminating adult images on all blogs, and setting blogs with adult content private. I want to say thank you for speaking up. I'm celebrating with a Random Short Snippet with a little bit of comedy and drama.

I hope you enjoy it in 371 words.

Thank you.

Jada lied there rubbing herself, building up her need, while she watched Kevin stoke his shaft to full erection. He wore a grin that made her wonder what he was smiling about. When she asked what he was smiling about, he immediately complimented the way she pleased herself, and how beautiful her tits looked when she pulled her black shirt below her fallen breasts. By the time he inched closer, her anticipation grew as she waited for him to mount on top of her with his sword of flesh in hand.

The phone suddenly ring and Kevin hesitated, the tip of his shaft was pressing against her entrance, and Jada immediately rolled her eyes up, as if she needed to be disturbed from her moment of passion. Who would call her on Saturday, at nine in the morning, when all what Jada wanted was a good fuck from Kevin?

“Ignore it,” she said. “Just put it in.”

Kevin went on with her request, and Jada felt the push of his length as it stretched her walls of pleasure. The phone continued to ring while she felt Kevin’s shaft fitting inside her. She didn’t want to disturb, and she only hope this call wasn’t important to take them away from their passion; she should’ve put the phone ringer on silent.

Midway into their fucking, she heard the answering machine beep and chilling message on her answering machine. It was from a woman – no one familiar to her, but very chilling when she mentioned both their names.

“Hello Jada, this is Kevin’s wife. I know you’re having a good time with my soon to be ex-husband. When you’re done with him, tell that no-good fuck to not to come home. I’ll be filing for my divorce papers really soon. Bye-bye.”

The answering machine gave a second beep, and both Kevin and Jada froze. How the hell did this woman know her name? Secondly, Kevin was married? And all this time, he told her that widowed. She quickly narrowed her eyes in disgust, when Kevin pulled out of her and backed away, stammering on what to say after being busted.

“You mean to tell me you’re fucking married?”

“Um, I can explain,” Kevin pleaded.

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Flash Fiction Friday - 02/27/2015: That's My Brother!

Happy Friday! I'm so glad that Google has decided to back down on their decision, because
that is creating a large mayhem. So, without further ado, or shall I say back to my regular programming, LOL. Let's enjoy a Flash Fiction piece, with one of my favorite characters - Darla.


The girls huddled around a photo on a cream-colored folder – a picture of a naked man crouched on a rock, in the middle of nowhere. They couldn’t help but drool.

“Oh my god,” Stacy said, “who is this guy? He is cute?”

Lisa added, “I second that notion. I wouldn’t mind having him over at my house crouching like that.”

“Damn, I could daydream about him,” Karla commented.

“I can’t believe my brother agreed to model for this,” Darla grimaced.

The girls remained silent when they realized it was Darla’s brother. The entire break room was filled with nuclear silence.

Then Lisa asked, “Is your brother available?”

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Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 02/24/2015: Glad To Be Home

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser, in 200 words.

I thought about putting in a little bit of naughty fun.


He came home tired from a long day’s work, after his boss chewed him a new one for not getting the paperwork done on time. Murray had no control of the paperwork situation, and he was short on staff that day. He was so glad to come home and forget about his day. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, and at least he won’t have to deal with his boss so much, since Mr. Carlson was going away on business.

He unlocked the door and stepped in. He noticed the light on in the kitchen, but he didn’t recall leaving the kitchen lights on, as he left for work that day, but he forgot that he handed his key to his new girlfriend, Alexa. Though, he didn’t expect her to be dressed provocatively, in a schoolgirl outfit with black stockings, but she looked hot. And when this voluptuous blonde turned to face him, she had on a gray mini t-shirt that rose barely above her fallen breast; it literally made his dick grow under his pants and ache with absolute pleasure.

Alexa smiled, “Hi Murray, I thought about surprising you with some dinner.”

Murray grinned with a fantasizing thought. “Boy, am I glad to see you.”

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