Friday, July 25, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 07/25/2014: Jeff's Surprise

Hi, I'm back with another segment of Flash Fiction Friday,
and here is my piece in 100 words.

Jeff sat on the leather sofa, relaxed as he walked Nina inside her hotel room. He sat down and enjoyed a glass of champagne, that was ordered earlier by her. He crossed his legs as he waited for Nina to come out. She told him she was going to slip into something a bit more comfortable.

Then moments later, the door opened. Nina stepped out. Jeff widened his eyes when he noticed her beautiful voluptuous figure underneath a dark, silky negligee that exposed her beautiful breasts and virtually nothing underneath it. Was she wearing anything underneath? She looked sensuously beautiful!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 07/24/2014: Last Chance For New Year's Eve

Hey guys, welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors post a snippet of their WIP of no more than 400 words.

Today, I'm going to showcase my holiday WIP in 214 words.

Sorry, today I have no pic for this, because I couldn't find a scene that fit this part of the story

Yasmin, I tried to look for you, and someone told me you were leaving for California. Is that true?”

She sighed, leaning against the wall, with a disappointed expression. “I am. I have no purpose over here. I’m leaving on the fourth.”

Eric bowed his head down, realizing it was too late to changer her mind. “I’m going to miss you. You always made my day.”

“Me too.” She smiled. “You were the only person, other than Jamal and Selena, that was very sweet to me. I’ll miss talking to you.”

“Well, the fourth hasn’t arrived.” He grinned, “You think I can convince you to stay?”

“I’m sorry.” She sighed. “I love it here and all, but I have no family here. They’re all in California.”

Gracefully accepting her answer, “I understand, but it doesn’t mean we have to spoil our date, does it?”

She laughed, kissing him in the cheek. “No, I’m glad you are my date. I was thinking that Selena was going to hook me up with a boring, ugly, goofy guy.”

He laughed, joking along. “Boring, ugly, and goofy? I don’t think I fit that category, do I?”

            She tapped him on his shoulder playfully. “No. In fact...” She gave her most flirtatious grin “I think you are... mmm... fine!”

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday - 07/22/2014: Melissa

Hey guys, here is my tantalizing piece for Tuesday.

It's a bit over by 11 words, because I couldn't make it any shorter than expected, and usually I'm good at this. However, I hope you enjoy!

Leah climbed on top of Ellis. She guided him inside her folds and began rolling her hips as she took his length in more. She closed her eyes as she savored the intense pleasure that filled her walls, and then she turned over to watch Melissa, who was sitting on the couch with her legs apart rubbing herself, while she watched them fuck.

Leah loved the idea of turning someone on, especially with someone like Melissa, who granted her permission to fuck her boyfriend. She watched Melissa play with herself, until she reached for something at her side – a long pale dildo.

She watched Melissa insert the dildo inside her pussy and toy with herself, until she displayed her most wanton expression. Then Leah felt her body being pulled close Ellis, as she humped him, allowing her dangled tits to be ravaged by Ellis’s hungry kisses.

Then Ellis looked up at her and asked, “How would you like Melissa to fuck you from behind?”

Leah hesitated to answer, when she thought about being fucked by two people at once. She knew how this would happen, and she’s not afraid of anal, but with two people at once, this was something new to her.

“You mean a DP? I’ve never done it.”

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Sadie's Lustful Morning

Come take a look at my WIP in 2k words about a woman who spends a week at her friend's place and has sexual relations with Andrew - her best friend's nineteen year old son.

I'm looking to make a good novella out of this.

It's in rough format, but I hope you enjoy!

“Andrew, we need to stop doing this.” Sadie warned Andrew when she approached him. She hesitated when noticed his young chiseled body, wearing nothing but sweatpants, while noticing a tattoo written in Hebrew. “If your mother finds out that we’re –”

Andrew interrupted, “Sadie, you didn’t say that when we were making out in the kitchen last night.”

“I know, but your mother would kill me if she knew I was messing around with you.”

“Yeah, well why did you let me kiss you?”

“I – I was…” she stammered for an excuse from last night.

“Look, Sadie, I’m not that young kid you remembered growing up. I’m nineteen; old enough. We can be adults about this, can we?”

Sadie sighed. She remembered exactly what happened between her and Andrew last night. She caught him sneaking a bottle of wine from the fridge to his room, when Sadie caught him with the bottle.

Sadie promised Andrew not to tell his mom, if he shared the bottle of wine with her. Andrew agreed to share the bottle with her, so as long as she would keep a secret of what he done. The two shared a bottle of wine in his bedroom, where they talked about their problems. It was then, when the two felt a sudden connection, and then kissed. Their make out turned very hot and heavy, they almost stripped from their clothes, ready to do it in his bedroom, but she stopped, leaving Andrew to feel wanting.

Sadie, herself, wanting him too, but he was too young – just twenty four years older than him, and her best friend’s son. She’d known him since he was a baby. Until last night, she didn’t have any lustful thoughts. She couldn’t sleep, thinking about the last time she had that kind of comfort. He was young, but she loved the way he kissed her and had his arms around her body. She wanted to put a stop to it, but it was too late; her desires told her not to.

“Andrew, you’re right, but you’re still a teenager.” She grinned, “I’m your mother’s age.”

“So?” he shrugged. “Last that didn’t stop you. Did it?” He took another step closer placing his hands along the side of her curves. “My mother had gone to work; it’s just you and I until she comes home. And besides, you have a beautiful body.”

Sadie’s heart raced with fear and anticipation. She wanted to tell him to stop, but she hesitated to say. She followed his eyes as he noticed her body in her white bikini. Sadie, then unknowingly placed her hand on his face as she stepped closer.

“Thank you.” She kissed him.

Their kiss quickly turned from soft to erotic. Sadie couldn't help being lustful with her kisses. She pressed her body close to him, pressing her tongue further in his mouth. She loved the his body felt against her, making her want him out of his clothes.

They were in his backyard. His mother wasn't home, and they didn't have to worry about the neighbors. Sadie couldn't contain herself. She moved her kisses down to his chest, leaving soft wet bites on his chiseled pecs. She felt his hand running through her long, and she could feel his hand subtly telling her to get down on her knees.

She squatted before him and kissed this abs. When she curled her fingers in front of his elastic band of his sweatpants, she pulled the front portion down and noticed his erection in front of her.

Andrew was no longer a kid anymore – well, according to his impressive size – he was definitely a man, ready for her. 

Sadie was intrigued. Andrew was clean shaven all around. She felt a delicious feeling developing in her center when she inhaled his musky odor. When she pulled his pants further down, she palmed his shaft and began to rub it.

Andrew groaned “God, it feels so good.”

Sadie grinned when she looked up. Her eyes met his rapture gaze, before taking it in her mouth. She started licking the head of his shaft. Then she rubbed his shaft as she popped it in and out of her mouth. 

While she continued working his shaft, Sadie’s desire grew stronger when she slid her hand below herself, pushing aside her panties, as her finger found its way into her slit. She was very wet. Her nipples were hard under her bikini bra. Her body moved in time with her fingers, leaving Andrew even more turned on.

“Why don’t you lie down on the lounge chair?” He motioned her to get up.

Sadie couldn’t refuse, she would love to watch a young man like Andrew be between her legs as his tongue ran all over her pussy. She slipped out of her bikini underwear and climbed on top of the lounge bed. She parted her legs when she watched Andrew slip out of his sweatpants. The anticipation was so strong, Sadie couldn’t help to rub herself. Her pussy ached for him.

Andrew was naked. His erection had to be stiffer than ever. And when she climbed on top of the bed, she was secretly hoping would fuck her right now. He held her leg up and started kissing her calf and then her thigh. Sadie could feel her nipples peak through her bikini bra.

Oh god, please fuck me right this minute.

Then Andrew set her leg down, he moved himself down and started working on her center. The instant touch of his tongue had her gasping out of pleasure. Sadie tilted her head back and moaned, while she felt his tongue work on her hot nub. She loved the way his warm hands gently curled around her ankles. Sadie’s body was suddenly on fire.

She moaned when she writhed her body. She was grinding her pussy all over his face. Andrew’s tongue was all over her wanton center.

And then, Andrew looked up. His eyes met hers with a impish grin. “I think you’re for something else.”

Sadie couldn’t say another word, but of course she was ready for something else – ready for Andrew to stick his dick inside her. She watched him climb on top of her, while she took off her bikini top. She watched him guiding his shaft inside her. The moment was happening, Andrew was pushing himself inside her. She could feel his shaft stretch through her walls of pleasure, leaving the two kiss ravenously from the intense pleasure. Sadie moaned into his kisses, while she felt him moving himself on top of her.

In the back of her mind, Sadie knew this was wrong having sex with Andrew. She had known his mother since they were in college, and now here she was doing her son. Yet, she couldn’t deny how much she enjoyed it. Andrew, the kid she’s known ever since he was a baby, was literally fucking her, and she was enjoying every minute of it.

She looked into his face, studying his expression. Andrew had his eyes closed. His mouth was opened, but his thrusts were becoming stronger. They were happily naked, in the patio, fucking, regardless if the neighbors overheard them or looked over. She was lost in her passions, where she caressed the stubble of his with her hand. At the same time, she moved her eyes where she saw his shaft glide in and out of her pussy. The more she looked, the more turned on she got.

Then, Sadie couldn’t help herself. She loved the way Andrew pummeled her pussy, she had the urge to work herself more. In the middle of his thrusting, she glided her finger across her tummy and found her wanton center, rubbing her nub as she closed her eyes to the serene pleasure Andrew was giving her.

“Oh god,” Andrew growled. “You feel so wet.” He looked down watching Sadie building her need. “And what you’re doing feels so hot.”

Sadie licked her lips. A feeling was soon rising, but it had not overtaken her body yet.

She opened her eyes and caressed his chest, when she looked up. “How would you like me to get on top of you?”

Andrew didn’t utter a word, he was happy to fulfill her the same way she fulfilled him. He pounded her a few more times before he stopped. Then, he pulled out of her, holding his shaft in his hand.
He growled, catching his breath as he sat on the lounge comforter. Sadie got up and got on her knees. She crawled a few more steps before she kissed him.

“You know your mother is going to kill me.”

“Oh no she won’t. I can keep a secret if you can.”

“I won’t tell.” She motioned him. “Lie down.”

Andrew lied on his back, while she straddled herself on top of him. She placed her arm behind her and reached for his shaft, guiding it inside of her.

Sadie moved herself up and down on his shaft. She curled her finger over his chest, while she felt his hands over her ass. Her body then moved on top of him rapidly, until she uttered erotic sounds under her breath. Her orgasms were getting near, and her body bucked against his.

It was then when she arched her body backwards, throwing her head backwards. Her nails were now dug into his shoulders. Sadie was lost in her orgasm. She leaned forward and kissed him hungrily, while she felt Andrew slap her ass with both hands.

“Oh fuck, I haven’t felt like that in a long time!” She utter into his kisses.

Sadie continued rocking herself on top of him. Her ass continued to get slapped by Andrew. Here they were in public – vulnerable to the public as the fucked wildly. She leaned in and kissed him, slipper her soft tongue into his mouth. Her ‘just-fucked’ hair was being caressed from his fingers, but she didn’t stop rolling her hips. She could feel his stiffness inside her, and at this point she didn’t care what happened since she already had the most mind-blowing orgasm from a nineteen year old.

She then gave a naughty, wicked grin when she whispered “Ever want to do me from behind?”

“Hell yeah, you have a very nice ass Sadie.”

“Mmmm…. you have a very nice dick.”

Sadie got off of him, allowing him to stand up from the lounge chair, so she could switch positions to get on her hands and knees on the lounge chair.

She felt the heat of his body against her back and then his hand on the side of her curves. When she felt the tip of dick rub against her slit, she moved herself against his hips, hoping like hell he would pound the living shit out of her.

And then with one push, she felt her pussy get stretched against, taking his shaft entirely. Andrew wasn’t going to be gentle this time. She turned around and watched him slam into her, causing her ass cheeks to smack against his hips. Both of his hands were on his waist, and Sadie couldn’t keep her from under herself.

She uttered every dirty word as she rubbed her clit. “Oh god, keep fucking me! Keep fucking me! I want you to slam the shit out of me!”

Then Sadie felt herself getting rocked wildly from his thrusts. Her moans suddenly turned into ecstatic screams. She was too unconcerned who might’ve heard them have sex, but was loving the way Andrew pounded against her; never skipping a beat.

It was then, when she felt Andrew getting closer. Was he cumming? She could feel his cock getting hard – really hard – his thrusts were furious. And then, all of a sudden, Andrew stopped. She felt his cock buried deep in her pussy, throbbing. She thought he was cumming inside her. She heard his ragged breathing, but apparently he did not cum inside her, not yet.

“I want you to sit on me, facing the other way.”

She felt him pull out of her, and Sadie stepped out of the lounge chair. She watched him lie on his back, stroking his cock with his right hand.

Sadie climbed back on the lounge sofa and straddled on top of him, facing away in a reverse-cowgirl style. She supported herself, placing one hand on the comforter, while she guided his throbbing meat inside her. His thrust continued. She could feel his hands alongside her waist, while being bounced up and down on his shaft.

All she could think of now was Andrew cumming inside her now. His thrusts were as rapid as a engine piston. The feeling was once again growing inside her. Her fingers managed to reach her clit, and Sadie was rubbing it again, hoping to meet his orgasm with hers.

“Cum in me Andrew! Give it to me!” she moaned.

Her nipples were raging hard. All the anticipation of his cum filled her mind. She heard him growl; he was definitely coming close. His thrusts were suddenly furious. Sadie’s fingers rubbed her clit furiously, when she heard him howl all of a sudden.

 “Oh Sadie, I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh god, me too! Cum in me Andrew!”

Andrew suddenly stopped his thrust and let off the first spurt that shot inside her walls, but Sadie so lost in her second orgasm, this time more powerful than the first, she didn’t realize him slipping out of her when she leaned backwards. Luckily her body was supported by her arm and his grip, but she knew she couldn’t feel his cock throb inside of her. There was no telling how much she missed of him inside her, but she was getting through her orgasm.

When her orgasm subsided, Sadie leaned her head back for brief second and let her fingers find Andrew’s cock, which had already been spent. She raised her head forward and saw the sudden mess Andrew left on the comforter. There was big cum stain there, and in the back of her mind, Sadie only pouted wishing all of that was pumped inside her. Yet, she couldn’t help it when she climax and lost control of herself.

Then Andrew apologized, “I’m sorry Sadie. I wanted to stay inside you, but –”

“Don’t worry about it.” She sighed, “You were wonderful, but I swear your mother would kill me if she found out I was doing you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t bring it up, but I was hoping to do it again – tonight.”

Sadie got off of him and stepped away from the lounge chair, picking up her bikini underwear. “Maybe, but how are we going to do it when your mother’s around.”

“You worry too much about my mom. Why don’t we exchange numbers and I’ll let you know when it’s safe.”

“We’ll have to be careful. Your mother mustn’t know what we’re doing.”

He got up and placed his hand alongside his curves. “Just trust me, I won't get you in trouble. Besides, I have a whole week to get to know you."

Sadie never protested when he inched closer to kiss her. She had to admit, this was quite daring and fun. She only hoped his mother would never find out.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Love Out Of Lust Series Blog Tour July 7-18

Story written by: Ray Sostre
Edited by: Elicia Stoll

AfterDark Press 2013, 2014

Daryl and Marisol grew up together as best friends and now live together as roommates. The two suffered losses in their lives; Daryl went through a sad divorce, while Marisol lost her brother and Mother in the same year, and gone through a relationship issue with her ex-boyfriend Jose.

When Marisol talks out her problems with Daryl, she not only shares a drink with him, but her most intimate secrets with Daryl, leading to a sexual encounter at home.

When the two realize what they’ve done, they take precautions with their friendships, hoping not to hurt one another, but their lustful passions soon turn into love, and both Daryl and Marisol discover a purpose for each other.

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About Ray Sostre:

Ray Sostre was born in New York, raised throughout the east coast (New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania) for much of his life, until he moved to Nevada in 2005. His passion to write erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010, but since then he’s been writing stories (m/f contemporary, lesbian, and ménage). At that same year, he established a website, specifically for erotic authors -- AfterDark Online, giving a voice for authors of erotica and erotic romance to be heard. He lives with his longtime girlfriend of nearly ten years, and is an avid listener of electronica, hip hop, and R&B.

Ray jokes, “I’m always looking for writing material.”

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Facebook Page: Author Ray Sostre

Twitter: @anarchy0029

Google+: Ray Sostre

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Thursday Taster - 07/10/2014: About The Night Ride Home

Welcome to another segment of Thursday Tasters

In this segment, it's a bit short and simple. It's based off my WIP About The Night Ride Home - an erotic romance story about a man Tyler who rides home with an alluring woman - Darla, and develops a relationship together.

In this segment, Tyler meets up with Charlie - Darla's ex, and Charlie is pouring her heart out to Tyler about Darla.

Read below:
This manuscript is in rough draft

Then Tyler asked, “So, I’m wondering where is it that you said you messed up the relationship? It sounds more to me that you two started growing apart.”
“Darla worked her ass off. She was supporting her and I, while I was out partying. I tried keeping a job, but I fucked a lot of that shit up. At first, I thought she was just nagging me about pulling some weight, but I did a lot of fucking around that I didn’t have to do. She was there for me, when I lost my job as a caterer, got arrested, and some other shit. You get to know what you really lost when she’s no longer around.”
“Charlie, don’t think it’s the end of the world. I’m sure there will be another one for you. I take it that you realized your mistake.”
“Yeah, but whoever it is, she won’t be anything like Darla; she was a one-of-a-kind.” 

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