Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/21/2014: Charlotte's Erotic Pleasure

I look forward to Tuesdays. Why? It's the event for Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers, where authors post a snippet up to 200 words, provided along with an inspired pic.

Here's what I have in store for you -- a teasers that is over by 21 words. I'm so sorry! I needed to included something this sensual and hot. I mean look at the pic!


She was finally alone with him – Diego – the man of her dreams – finally! Charlotte was in his hotel room, spending their most romantic evening. Surely, she knew what she was doing would be a mortal sin, but her home life had been terribly boring. She has lived with a husband that hasn’t touched her in months, and if he did, after six years being with him, he had never found her spot – at least where to begin to turn her on.

Her blouse fell to the floor, when she pulled down her black lacy bra, exposing her perky breasts for him to enjoy. Diego had the most gorgeous appearance that made her nipples peak with desire and a delicious ache growing in her center.

Oh god, he’s giving me that look again – the look that makes me wet all the time!

He went into the ice bucket and pulled out a small ice cube. He commanded with a soft voice “Don’t move.”

Just his command had those delicious aches growing inside her. She remained still, obeying his command when he placed the ice cube around one of her breasts, circling the cube sensuously until he placed it around her nipple. By the time the ice cube circled around her nipple, Charlotte fluttered her eyes as she imagined Diego’s mouth around them.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Nubile Films Presents: Sounds Of Passion with Karol Lilien

|Nubile Films - Sounds Of Passion|Karol Lilien|http://images.nubilefilms.com/films/sounds_of_passion_with_karol_lilien/samples/cover640.jpg|Tanned sexy Karol Lilien gives her man a lip smacking blowjob then takes him for a wild stiffie ride in her bald pussy

Nubile Films Presents: Finally Home with Taylor Whyte

|Nubile Films - Finally Home|Taylor Whyte|http://images.nubilefilms.com/films/finally_home_with_taylor_whyte/samples/cover640.jpg|Voluptuous hottie Taylor Whyte greets her lover at the door to suck his cock and take him for a creamy bald pussy ride

Nubile Films Presents - Russian Beauty with Elena Rae

|Nubile Films - Russian Beauty|Elena Rae|http://images.nubilefilms.com/films/russian_beauty_with_elena_rae/samples/cover640.jpg|Buxom Russian babe Elena Rae uses her big tits to rub her guys dick then bends over for a doggy style bald pussy ride

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/17/2014: Alan's Birthday

Hey guys, here is my Friday Flash.

Alan was being treated for his birthday, from his friends, to go to the Dollhouse, but he wasn’t up to going to strip club for his birthday. They stepped out of a cab and walked through a neon-lit plaza, passing by the entrance where there was loud cheering going on.

Go-go club or strip club, they’re all the same to him. He looked across from the go-go spot, there was a diner, and standing there was an Asian woman he knew – his sexy neighbor – Kim. She appeared to work at the diner, but still dressed provocatively to entice her guests.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/16/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hi, welcome back for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors feature a piece of their WIPs or published materials, up to 400 words.

If you haven't picked up the copy of Gratis: Transformations, then you need to pick up your copy and check out my story Their First Night Together - a story I've re-written from 2011.

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Many of our authors worked hard to organize this together.

Here is a steamy snippet below:

Jared picked her up from the couch and gently laid her on her back on the sofa. He pulled out of her and worked his kisses from her breasts down to her navel. In return, Natalie ran her fingers over his head. She arched her body in reaction to his wet kisses. It wasn’t long before Jared reached his destination – her pussy.
He curled his fingers around her thighs. Natalie parted her legs, before pushing aside her thong, allowing him to go down on her. He inhaled her musky sex and dove in without hesitation he, taking in the beautiful offering of her body.
Jared began lapping at her juices. He slid his hands up and down her thighs. When he looked up, she was licking her lips to the sudden pleasure he gave her. She was caressing herself, squeezing her tits, letting out a soft moan, indicating he was taking her there. He was determined to please her; to give her that release that’ll make her want him more. He pressed his tongue against her clit, taking in her juices. There was no doubt in his mind that she was enjoying it, she was literally grinding her pussy all over his face.
Jared continued to torment her nub, flicking it with his tongue and sucking on it. Her breathing grew faster; she was getting close. Jared was so determined to make her cum, he slipped two fingers inside her fold and flicked his tongue wildly over her nub, causing her to buck her hips wildly in climax.
“Oh my god, Jared, fuck!”
She let out a scream that filled the living room. It was the most erotic thing he had ever witnessed – and Jared really loved it when she came. He remembered those moans from their erotic escapades over the phone. It was so good to actually see her climax. Jared waited patiently for her orgasm to subside. He was looking forward to fucking her again.
Natalie’s chest rose and fell in waves.
“Oh my god, Jared, you were wonderful!” Natalie’s voice sounded content.
But Jared flashed a wicked grin. It was time to give her what she really wanted, and he wanted to feel every inch of her.
“Turn around!” he growled.
“Mmmmm…” she purred, as she obeyed, leaning her body against the backrest of her leather sofa.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 10/14/2014: In The Woods

Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've been on here, and it feels good to be back on here. I want to present to you another snippet in 200 words, provided by an inspired pic.

This scene I wrote intrigued me so much, I'd love to create a threesome story.

“I swear, I hope no one isn’t watching.” She looked around nervously as she got on her fours.

“Katie, you need to relax,” Matt assured. “I swear, no one isn’t going to watch us.”

Katie took one last look at her surroundings, there was no one in sight – nothing obvious. She felt the heat of Matt’s body behind her and the warmth of his tip as it caressed against her slit. The minute she felt him stretching inside her, all her worries were suddenly forgotten. She was in pleasure, until she spotted a young woman wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts, hiding behind a tree, watching them. She wasn’t only watching them, she had her hand down her shorts, working herself.

Katie wanted to say something, but she was too busy being pummeled by Matt, and the young woman that hid behind the tree working herself was very much turning her on. She wondered if Matt saw her too, and if he had why isn’t he saying anything. The only thing that had Katie contemplating was should she tell Matt to have her join in on the fun. Yet, every time she thought of opening her mouth to say something, she stammered.

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