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Random Short Snippets - 10/06/2015: Alexa

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you're having a great day.

I have a naughty little piece in 762 words. It's a short erotic story about morning sex.


Alexa was in her bedroom slipping on her lingerie. As soon as she finished connecting the garter straps to her stockings, Alexa looked at herself against the wall mirror. She was ready to surprise her man in the morning with a sexy treat. She caressed herself, admiring the way her sexy outfit fit around her luscious curves.

She stepped out of her room and walked down the hallway, where she saw her Jason sitting on the sofa, holding the remote in his hand to change channels. When he looked over to her, Jason set his remote down and dropped his jaw, instantly admiring what she wore.

Alexa ran her hands through her long blonde hair, and gave him seductive grin while she enjoyed his stunned reaction. She had on a beautiful black corset which helped accentuate her busty figure, but wore no underwear where she revealed her nakedness below for him to see. She sauntered over to him seductively and told him how much she wanted him right now. Jason set his remote aside and stood up. He immediately slipped himself out of his boxer, since that was all he wore, and began kissing her lips.

She felt his hand move behind her head as her kisses were being pulled towards him. Alexa loved the way his tongue moved inside her mouth, dancing along with hers while she felt his fingers finding its way into her folds.

He broke his kiss and pressed his fingers in her. His other hand was wrapped around her ass, squeezing her beautiful soft flesh as she let out a very soft gasp. He whispered something seductive in her ear; something that got her hot and bothered. Alexa loved the way his voice sounded when he was aroused. He whispered dirty things that had her dripping wet and ready to fuck.

She took control when she instructed to get on the sofa, and Jason returned a wicked grin, obliging to her request as he sat down and waited for her to get on top of him.

She got on the sofa and straddled herself between his legs. Her hand was on his shaft. Alexa rubbed it and watched his expression changed from wicked grin to a wanton expression as she raised herself and guided him inside her. When she lowered herself, the two let out a deepening gasp of pleasure. She moved herself up and down on his shaft, taking in his inch as she savored the feeling of him stretching her walls of pleasure.

Alexa leaned over and kissed him lustfully, gyrating her hips intensely while she felt his hands placed along the side of her curves. As the two developed a rhythm, Alexa and Jason were meeting each other’s thrust, causing Alexa to moan loudly in the room. She tried effortlessly to balance herself on the sofa, while Jason pounded her with his strokes.

During mid-orgasm, she felt his hand move from the side of her curves and his fingers in front of her corset, unzipping it to allow her breast fall free. While she bounced on his cock, Jason’s mouth found one of her nipples and began sucking on them, causing her moans to continue.

Alexa fluttered her eyes close and her face contorted to the delicious feeling that Jason was giving her. She rolled her hips intensely, while she enjoyed another feeling Jason was giving her – he was smacking her ass – nice and hard. It aroused her more; Alexa could feel a wave of pleasure building rising inside her. His girth inside her and his smacks on her ass, along with his licks on her breasts added fuel to her eroticism. Alexa quickly climaxed, filling the living room with her most erotic noise.

She immediately surrendered her body into Jason’s arms. He was pumping her furiously as she waited for him to reach his climax. She whispered dirty words in his ears, saying encouraging things that will make him hot inside her. It was working, his pants and grunts were growing louder; Alexa continued. Then Jason let out a howl as he straightened himself inside her. Alexa could feel his intensity; he was reaching his peak as she felt his cock throbbed inside her, releasing his hot seed inside her.

Alexa then nibbled at his ear, enjoying the feeling of his climax. He was wonderful; a man who could please in no time. When he breathing evened out, Alexa faced him and leaned in to kiss him lustfully, expressing how she felt about him and how much he satisfied her need.

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Cover Reveal: Cat Games by Angora Shade

Interview Questions:

1) What led you to write erotic fiction?

I started out writing everything except erotic fiction, but most of my stories usually had an element of romance. When I wanted to put more graphic sex scenes into my young adult dark fantasy novel, I knew I was in the wrong genre! Erotica gave me the outlet to be as free as I wanted to be while still telling the original stories going on inside my head.

2) What inspired you to write your new book?

"Cat Games" is actually the rewrite of my earliest erotic fiction "Adventures In Plastic Wrap" and its sequel "Cat & Mouse". I realized that these two stories had the potential to be much better and that the story wasn't complete. Knowing that I could I take the story further drove me to push my limits and give my readers the quality work I knew I could create. And the story refuses to stop, so I need to keep writing. There's a Cat Games 2 in works!

3) What is your favorite scene and why?

My favorite scene would have to be the orgy Gummy Bear Game scene that Mouse plays with Rayne and her group of friends at their apartment. There are a lot of sexual games out there, but just picturing this game in action gets my blood boiling! It allows for two or more players, is kinky, and is a sweet tooth's dream. I suggest playing this game all the time to people looking for a way to spice up their sex lives. (Check out this game in my book excerpt)

4) What was the most challenging aspect of writing this book?

No one wants to read the same sex scene over and over. New positions, new euphemisms, new actions, locations, characters--all these things need to be kept fresh. The only way to keep your audience entertained throughout your book--to stop them from putting it down--is to continuously give them something they've never read before. Since I write an awful lot of sex scenes, this is usually my biggest challenge.

5) What message, if any, do you want your audience to walk away with?

"Cat Games" is story about a female character dubbed "Mouse", who wants a lot more out her sex life than she's had in the past. She wants the freedom to express herself and explore the possibilities that pleasure has to offer. Mouse struggles to understand herself and those around her and goes through a frustrating and liberating transformation to achieve her goals.

The overall message that I've tried to convey in this story is that a person's sexual journey is a personal and beautiful thing, and not something to that needs to be hidden regardless of what a person is into. You can have one lover, two, three, or none at all. You can be vanilla, kinky, extreme, or somewhere between. There is no wrong way to love so long as you're true to yourself and honest with those involved. Happiness, I believe, is achieved through self discovery, and I would hope that this story would inspire my readers to crawl out of their own shell, knock down their walls of security, and embrace their own sexual being.

6) Tell us something unique about yourself

I live in Sheep Shit Nowhere Europe, I'm obsessed with producing produce from my garden, and I make kick ass baked goods.

My Synopsis:

She was quiet—an introvert, a thinker. They called her Mouse. But beneath her veneer was a passionate hunger and desire for those around her, and a longing to act out fantasies she didn't even know she had. After a brutal betrayal by her former lover, Mouse’s journey toward sexual fulfillment begins with a justified revenge led by Rayne—a dominant and more knowledgeable goddess—where Mouse experiences her first female sexual encounter and develops a taste for non-vanilla sex. 

But just a taste of something new isn’t enough for Mouse. Longing for a more satisfying lifestyle and sexual education, Mouse engages in sexual exploits with Rayne and her openly sexual friends. With the absence of traditional relationship rules, Mouse falls into confusion, desperately trying to find a way to prove she is a capable woman worthy of Rayne’s attentions. Through Rayne’s patient guidance, Mouse is pushed to take charge of her sexuality and learn what it is she truly desires, allowing her to transform from a shy, timid creature to one with claws. Tables turn unexpectedly and suddenly the pupil becomes the teacher.

My excerpt: 

“Hey, Mouse!” I hear one of the girls call. I turn to look over my shoulder and see Chrystal holding the package of gummy bears I stashed in my pocket earlier. “You dropped something.”

“Woohoo!” Rayne howls, obnoxiously. “I’ve got an idea for a game.” She snatches the package from Crystal and sizes me up, almost eating me with her eyes.

“You read my mind,” Jasper quickly adds, licking his lips.

I have no idea what they’re thinking, but all the faces in the living room are looking me over and grinning in a wicked way. I feel exposed, on display, and very self-conscious. A heat begins to crawl up the back of my thighs, stir in my belly and catch in my chest. I’m suddenly thankful I’m not the type to blush. Standing up a bit straighter, I walk to the fridge, grab another six-pack, and return to my seat with as much confidence as the simple movements of my body will allow.

Rayne makes a yummy noise as she opens my package of sweets. “I just love gummy bears.” She pops one into her mouth with an overemphasized gesture, sucking a bit on the end before using the tip of her index finger to push the bottom the remainder of the way past her thick lips. 

Jasper stands up and grabs Crystal by the hand. She trails willingly after him over to Rayne. Holding out his hand for the package she holds, I watch Rayne dump a few gummy bears into Jasper’s open hand.

“Best. Game. Ever,” Justin mutters from his seat on the couch in exaggerated staccato.

The whole room watches as Jasper pops the gummy bears into his mouth and begins peeling Crystal’s tight, white shirt over her head. Without any protest, Crystal raises her arms and slips out with an easy smile. Pulling a wet gummy bear out of his mouth, Jasper sticks it into the curve of Crystal’s neck, and then sticks a second securely upon her collarbone. To my surprise, the gummy bears are held fast, not slipping or sliding from the pull of gravity.

Rayne grins and stands from her chair. While trailing her fingers through the tight, red curls on the top of Crystal’s head, Rayne licks the back of a red gummy bear and sets it atop Crystal’s left shoulder. I watch Crystal shiver, and then I turn to look at Justin and Anna on the couch. They’re watching with deep interest. Grabbing two beers from the pack I set on the table, Justin opens them without taking his eyes from the scene, and hands one blindly to Anna.

I’m not sure what’s going on. I thought Justin and Crystal were together but another man—and Rayne—are undressing her in front of everyone. Why is Anna so into watching? They grabbed her attention with that kiss from earlier.

I clear my throat and blink several times as I try to take in what’s happening. Sugar’s great, and a nice pairing with beer, but I don’t understand why they’re sticking gummy bears to Crystal. If this is really a game, I wonder what the point is.

My mouth hangs open slightly as I watch Rayne expertly unhook Crystal’s bra and slide the white straps down over her shoulders, kissing her gently as she goes. I physically push my jaw shut as I rest my face uneasily in my hand, watching Jasper pull two more bears from his mouth. He gently squeezes Crystal’s small, naked breast, pushes his gummy bears to her skin, and audibly blows his breath over the top of them. Crystal giggles and looks over to me, where I’m unable to take my gaze away.

“Oh, Mouse,” she laughs. “Look at your face!”

I get it now. Wow.

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Random Short Snippets - 10/03/2015: That Night With His Boss

It's been a long time since I've done a Random Short Snippet.

Here is an erotic story in 2,484 words. There may be a sequel to this short story.

I hope you enjoy!

Tim wasn’t really up to taking Julie home. She was his boss, and he didn’t feel at all comfortable taking her to his place, but she was in no condition to drive, and everyone else had left them alone. He couldn’t leave her alone, where someone could take advantage of her, or she may go on her own to risk driving under the influence. He reluctantly offered to take her home, and she agreed, where she could pick up her car after she sobered up.

It’s a good thing Tim had one drink. It was hours ago, and he wasn’t anywhere in the same condition like Julie. He didn’t wanted to come and hang out with a group of co-workers at the bar, but they insisted on having him over. They were celebrating Julie’s birthday, and she wanted everyone there, including Tim.

He hung out at the bar to wish Julie a happy birthday. He only intended to stay for a little while and leave, but he got caught up in a conversation with another co-worker and friend of his – Dave, but as the time went by people started to leave one-by-one, leaving Julie and Tim alone, and there was no way he could leave her like that.

He was going to drive her home, but since he mentioned to her that he lived closer by. She insisted to crash at his place. While he drove her to his place, Julie couldn’t help caressing his hand on his shoulder, while she leaned her head on his lap. It felt kind of awkward and uncomfortable, having his boss rest her head on his lap while he drove her home. He couldn’t think of words to say, and he wished he could tell her to stop but he didn’t.

When they arrived at his place, Tim parked his car and turned of his ignition. He told her that they were home. Julie, by now, was giggling and flirting with him, telling him how sexy he was. Tim quickly brushed it off, knowing that this wasn’t the Julie he’d ever seen, it was the alcohol doing her talking and Julie would soon get over it once she sobered up.

Although, she was his boss at the call center, Tim tried really hard not to take notice on her beauty. She had long dark hair, blue eyes, and very sexy features. Julia was tall and had beautiful buxom figure he tried hard to ignore, especially when she wore a red cocktail dress. She was his boss, and for some reason she was turning him on when she leaned her head on his lap.

Tim helped her inside his home. He had his hand over her waist while she kept her arm over his shoulder He made sure she was able to walk as they made their way up the short steps to the his door. He reached in his pocket and took out his keys, Tim unlocked the door and helped her inside, where the first Julie saw was a nice blue couch.

“Oh yes,” Julie said when she let go of Tim and stumbled her way to his couch. “This feels really good!” Julie crawled over the sofa and lied on her stomach, sprawled out like it was her own bed. “You have a nice sofa.”

Tim closed the door behind him and walked over to the living room, where he stood before her watching her get comfortable on his sofa. He stared at her for a moment. Tim couldn’t help noticing her beautiful backside. His boss looked hot in her red dress, and she had an amazing ass and legs. It was too bad that they work together, he would take more time to get to know her.

He quickly shook off the lusting thought from his head and told her, “I’ll be right back with a pillow and blanket.”

“No,” Julie refused. “Just come sit next to me. Please?”

Tim wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, but against his instincts, he went ahead and took a seat at the edge of the sofa. Julie raised herself up and turned herself over.

“Oh shit, I can’t believe I drank so much.” Julie giggled.

Tim sat meekly, while Julie repositioned herself sitting up. She was so tipsy, she wasn’t concerned about her dignity when she parted her legs and one leg over his lap as she exposed her red thong in front of him. The hem of her night dress was above her hips. Tim couldn’t help noticing her underwear, he tried really hard not to be obvious, worrying that his boss would catch him, but Julie was too much to resist.

She twirled her foot, asking, “Can you help me take them off? These heels are killing me!”

Tim reluctantly unloosened the straps of her heel and slipped them off her feet. Julie raised her other leg and placed it over his lap, indicating him to take them off and he did the same with her other heel.

“Better?” he asked, trying to refrain from any temptation.

“Much better, but you know what would make my night really good?” She purred.

“What?” he asked, wondering this was going to go?

She set her feet down and moved herself closer. Julie had wore a seductive look when she placed her hand over his shirt. “I could use something as manly as you. It’s my birthday, and I haven’t been laid in so long. Would you do that for me?”

Tim’s heart raced wildly. She wanted him to fuck her? Tim closed his eyes and thought to himself how wrong it was for him to fuck his boss. Julie was hot, sexy, and now playful, but he worried that by sleeping together would complicate things at work. Not only was she his boss, but her inhibitions were gone. Does she even realize what she was doing? Worst of all, why couldn’t he control his arousal? Tim could feel his dick growing under his pants, where he was falling into her seduction.

“Tell me Tim, I think you’re sexy, but do you think I’m pretty?” She narrowed her eyes seductively when she rubbed her hand over his chest. “I can tell you have a nice body under there. Mind if I see it?”

Tim should tell her no, but the way her soft hands roamed over his body had him thinking otherwise. She lifted his shirt and slid her hand inside. Julie grinned with approval when she felt his abs. He was a bit muscular, but skinny.

“You really have a nice body under there? So tell me, do you think that I’m pretty?”

Tim shot straight to the point, reminding her where the two stand. “Yeah, you are gorgeous – fucking hot, but you’re my boss!”

Julie paused, allowing the reality to sit in over what he said, but she persisted. “Yeah, I know I’m your boss, but tonight can we pretend that you and I are just a couple of strangers that want to fuck?”

Tim wanted to fuck her. He loved the feeling of her hand over his abs and when she slid her hand over his crotch, she cooed at him, admiring the feeling of how hard he was. There was no way for him to hide it; Julie couldn’t help caressing it.

“You’re really hard for me; I like that. I bet you want to fuck me right, but you can’t shake the thought that you’re going to fuck your boss.”

Tim nodded quickly. Then he admitted, “Yeah, I want fuck you, but you’re my boss and I’m worried about complicating things.”

“No one has to know.” She unbuckled his belt and undid his pants. “We could pretend like nothing happened.”

Tim wanted to tell her to stop, but he succumb to her seduction when she unzipped his pants and reached in his boxers to pull out his dick. “Okay.”

She moved herself over to kiss his lips. “Take them off; I want to fuck right now!”

Tim nodded casually, when she kissed him again. This time the two had opened their mouths and Tim felt the slip of her tongue inside his mouth. They twirled their tongues together, when his hand slid up and down along her thigh. He moved his hand further up her dress, allowing his fingers to touch her silky red thong.

She held on to his shaft, gently stroking him when grinned wickedly and slid off the sofa. When she let go of him, Tim took off his pants and boxers and was naked on the waist down, while Julie got back on the sofa and leaned over to take his cock in her and placed her mouth over the tip of his shaft.

Tim watched as she took him in her mouth. He leaned his head back as he enjoyed the wonderful sensation of her mouth of his shaft, slowly working his length in her mouth, while he caressed her hair with his free hand. He couldn’t help letting a few groans under his breath, admiring the wonderful pleasure Julie was giving him. The way she moved his tongue around his shaft had Tim already forgetting that she was his boss. Julie’s skillful tongue over his cock made him want to fuck her more than ever.

He sat up and said, “Why don’t we get this off.”

Tim helped Julie out of her dress. He pulled the strap that supported her night dress over her head and pulled her dress below her breasts, where her breasts dangled free for his touch. She sat on her legs, while Tim fondled and caressed them in his hand. He leaned in and took one of her delicious-looking nipples in his mouth, immediately causing Julie to let out a gasp of pleasure, while curled her arm over his shoulder. Tim circled his tongue around her areola and then began pressing his tongue against her nipple, causing her moan under her breath. He teased and suck on them, while he felt her hand over his shaft, stroking him with the indication of her enjoyment.

He looked into her eyes. The two exchanged a very passionate kiss, allowing their tongues to dance together. Tim continued to cup her breasts in his hands, squeezing them firmly until they broke away from their kiss.

“Lie down, Julie. I want to taste your pussy.”

Julie happily oblige to his request when she lied down. She got off the sofa and stood up, while Tim helped her out of her thong. He pulled her thong down, sliding them down to her feet. Julie stepped over them and got back on the couch. She parted her legs as she waited for Tim moved himself between her.

Tim admired the view of her clean-shaven pussy. The way her slit glistened, Tim was anxious to be inside her. He dove his face in, without hesitation, attacking her little button with his tongue. Tim flicked his tongue back and forth, while Julie grinded herself against his face. He could imagine how hot he was getting her; she had her hand over his head, enjoying the delicious torment from his tongue.

Tim continued to work her center. Her moans grew louder; she was coming really close. He slipped his finger inside her folds and continued attacking her hot little button until she reached her climax, filling his living room with loud moans of pleasure.

Tim pulled away, but kept his finger inside her while he moved in and out of her. He really enjoyed the slickness from her and it was now time to give her something more than her finger. As soon as her orgasm passed, Tim moved himself on top of her and pushed himself inside her.

Julie let out a deepening moan, while he gasped under his breath. He moved his hips, filling her with size. The two exchanged a very sloppy kiss, licking off the essence from each other’s mouths. Julie circled her legs over his ass when his thrust became stronger. Her face contorted and she was breathing in little panting gasps, while she dug her fingernails into his back. Sweat was now glistening between them, and all what Tim could think about was savoring the intense feeling of being inside Julie – his boss.

The harder he pounded her, the louder she moaned. Tim was reaching his point of pleasure. He stopped and pulled himself out of her, causing Julie to give a stirred expression.

“Why did you stop?”

“Turn around, I want to fuck you from behind.”

Julie purred when she switched positions. She had her pussy and ass up for him to see. Tim loved the delicious view of her. He placed his hand over her ass, guiding himself back inside her. Tim and Julie let out another gasp of pleasure; he was all the way deep inside her.
He moved his hips slowly, placing his hand over her ass, until he got a better balance and placed both his hands on each side of her curves. While he was inside her, he lifted his shirt over his head and threw it on the floor. Tim pounded her while she placed her hand over her ass. He placed his hand around her arm and rocked himself intensely, bucking in and out of her, while the two filled the living with their pants and moans.

“Oh fuck, give it to me!” Julie moaned.

Tim huffed when picked up his pace, causing her ass to smack against his hips. He felt the sudden urge to release, and Tim couldn’t hold himself back any longer.

“Ah, fuck! I’m going to cum.”

“Give it to me, Tim!” She cried out.

Tim pulled himself out of her and placed his cock between her ass cheeks. He moved his hips as his cum shot over her ass and back.

“Oh yes, it’s so warm!” she purred. “Put it back inside me.”

Tim shoved himself back inside her, where he finished his climax, filling her up with hot seed. Tim pulled himself out of her, once he was spent, and sat down on the sofa to catch his breath. Julie, in the meantime wiped his cum over her ass thighs and then lied back down on the sofa, resting her back on his lap.

The two remained silent on the sofa. Tim wanted to think of something to say, but he couldn’t think of anything. He was in pure disbelief over what they’ve done. He just had some smoking, hot sex with his boss, and he almost felt weird about what he done. He worried what would happen when they go to work Monday, but they only had a couple of more days to think about it. When Tim looked down to talk with her, Julie had already dozed off into sleep. Maybe they’ll sort this out in the morning.


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Flash Fiction Friday - 09/25/2015: The Guardian Angel's Decision

Happy Friday everyone.

Here is my flash in 100 words.


Harmony was sent from heaven to be the guardian angel for Nyssa, but she couldn’t accomplish her mission. For almost a year, she had tried to find the right person to love her; someone who would understand her. All these times Harmony tried to find her the right someone, but ended up being the wrong one for her. She then realized Nyssa wasn’t attracted to men; she was attracted to women. Why didn't Harmony see that?

“If she wants a woman to love her, then I will be the one to love her. I’m willing to be her angel and protection and her lover.”

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Thursday Tasters - 09/24/2015: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

I almost forgot about posting this segment of Thursday Tasters,

I've been very busy working on my next project.

Anyways, Love Out Of Lust - Part Five released on Monday, Sept 21st, and I'm happy
to premiere a snippet for you all this Thursday, in 259 words.

This scene I show you is the final conflict scene between Jose and Daryl, along with the help of Alonzo.

Daryl hung out with Alonzo and Beto while they waited for Jose to come in and take the bait. He had already called Terrell and let him know where Jose was going to be. At the same time, they watched Cuco’s every move to make sure he didn’t get wise and warn Jose. Daryl made every effort to act natural while playing pool with Alonzo. He was a little nervous, worried their plan would fail. Jose walked into the bar, and Daryl tried his best not to be too obvious.
Beto came up by Alonzo and nodded. “Yo, here he comes.”
Daryl grabbed the pool stick and chalk. He began twisting the chalk as he watched Jose coming over to Cuco. He watched Jose give Cuco a pound, while Cuco pointed to Daryl. The second they made eye contact, Daryl tensed up. He could see the fiery look in his eyes, and his face was badly bruised. Not only had Daryl messed him up, but Alonzo did a number on him too.
Stay calm … stay calm. Daryl could feel his nerves jangling. Jose was walking up to him. Cuco remained seated. Daryl noticed Officer Willis entering the bar with another officer. They rushed through the crowd before Jose could take another step closer. Daryl was ready – ready for whatever was about to happen.
 Jose approached, messing with something in his pocket. Daryl could only guess what it might be.
“Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.”

Alonzo came over and smirked at Jose. “You can say that again, dumbass.”

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New Release: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five: When Drama Meets Happiness

Love Out Of Lust - Part Five
Author: Ray Sostre
Edited by: Elicia Stoll
Series: Love Out Of Lust
September 21st, 2015


Love Out Of Lust – Part Five continues the saga with Daryl and Marisol as they face unresolved issues by Marisol’s ex, Jose, and Daryl’s ex, Clarissa. Things get pretty complicated when Jose threatens their lives, involving Alonzo to step in and resolve. Marisol, on the other hand, breaks her silent feud when she is confronted by Clarissa, but most of all their relationship no longer becomes a secret when Paige discovers they’re together, jeopardizing the friendship between them.


New York born, East Coast raised, and West Coast bound
Writing erotica happened by accident in the summer of 2010.  That same year, he established a story submission site – AfterDark Online, a place where people are free to publish erotic stories.

He lives in Nevada with his long-time girlfriend, is an avid listener of electronica, and enjoys writing and publishing articles. He jokes: “I’m always looking for writing material.”

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Trivial Facts About Love Out Of Lust Series Parts 1 - 5

Love Out Of Lust – Part Five is releasing tomorrow, and I’m very excited about it, but before the release day comes through, I thought about sharing some interesting trivial facts about it; some things you probably didn’t know about when I wrote the series.

1. Love Out Of Lust – Part One was first written in the mid-Spring of 2013. It was first edited by Stacy A, a friend of mine, locally, who was a fan of my work and offered to help edit the story. A second edition was released in July 2013, after the story was re-edited by Elicia Stoll, who had done a previous edit to one of my books for publishing company.

2. When I originally wrote the story, I didn’t know where to go with the story. I wasn’t sure whether I wanted the story to be a series of adventures or drama, but I somehow felt compelled to write a very good, erotic drama for people to identify with. I didn’t decide to get the momentum going until the release of Part Three in December 2013.

3. Daryl and Marisol were characters inspired by my very first erotic story in 2010, an unpublished threesome story (ffm). At first, I thought about making a story like that, but once the story gained momentum in Part Three, I decided to keep it an m/f erotic contemporary.

4. Jose, one of the villains in the story, was inspired by some of the men I’ve known that used to treat their girlfriends like shit. I wanted to paint a villain that needed to have his ass kicked, and in part five, there will be justice.

5. When I wrote Part Four, I wanted to make it a very erotic story. Part Four was going to be released on Valentine’s Day weekend in 2014, but because of my day job in management, it became difficult to keep up with and therefore had to be re-scheduled for a release in late May 2014.

6. I wanted to work on Part Five and Part Six for 2014, but because of my managerial position, I had a difficult time keeping up with my writing, and Love Out Of Lust didn’t move forward until April 2015, where it was completed by May 2015.

7. While awaiting for edits for Part Five, the release date was supposed to be June 22nd, 2015, but the delays were due to my editor’s personal situation, and being the release of Love Type Situation in August 2014, we had to push the release date for Part Five in September.

8. Many had argued about why Love Out Of Lust was broken up into pieces, which I know it’s unusually strange; I keep them wanting more. But in 2014, I had only published 2 books that time, and there were number of things that left me uncertain of the direction to the story, and also my day job in 2014.

9. The whole purpose of the story is to keep the reader interested in the drama the unfolds between two lovers, inspired by some relationships, including my own, but I didn’t want to reflect my relationship with the story, but give certain experiences. I wanted a story that didn’t have too many fluffs and fillers. And to be honest, it’s one of the most fun, yet difficult stories I enjoyed writing.

Stay tuned for Part Six….