Saturday, August 30, 2014

Author Ray Sostre's Birthday Giveaway (August 31st - September 6th)

Author Ray Sostre's Birthday Giveaway (August 31st - September 6th)

I'm feeling very generous this week, and from August 31st thru Sept 6th, all of my self-published books will be for free on All Romance eBooks and Kobo.

This is my generosity to all the readers out there.

Don't forget to visit my Facebook Page: Author Ray Sostre or stop by on my Twitter Page: @anarchy0029 and wish me a happy b'day.

Here are the list of my books below you can get on ARe & Kobo for FREE

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Enjoy all the reads and thank you for your support.


Friday, August 29, 2014

I'm Stepping Down From Management, Once & For All To Pursue My Passionate Career.

The time has come where I now need to focus on me. Just the other day, Thursday, I finally gave my notice to a position that I truly love as a Food & Beverage Manager at a Nevada casino, where I’ve decided to leave by the end of the year.

The truth is, I need to flourish both as an artist and as an entrepreneur. I write erotic stories, and I haven’t been able to keep up with my work, due to the fact that I’ve been putting too much effort and time with my current job. The time has now come for me to move on, where at the end of the year I’m stepping down from my beloved position, only to pursue my passion as an author and publisher.

I remember the lyrics of what rapper Eminem said in his 2003 soundtrack to 8 Mile, respectively.

If you had one shot, or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted… in one moment, would you capture it… or let it slip?

And now it’s come to the conclusion to take this opportunity to make something more than what I truly have. I want to be an awesome author, even a selling one for both myself and publishers, and I want to be known as the man behind and emerging erotic media site – AfterDark Online.

Life’s too short. The worse thing anyone could do is both squander the opportunity or not take the opportunity to fulfill that long-lived dream.

I’m  taking it; ready for what it brings. I know and I’m confident to say I can do this, and I’m going to lose myself into erotic romance writing and AfterDark Online.

People are going to think that I'm crazy, but if you truly believe in your heart that you can make it, accomplish it, then I say go for it. Which that is exactly what I'm doing -- going for it!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Knowing My Market and Defining Me As A True Author

Lately, I’ve been going through some evaluation of what kind of fans do I want following me. While I’ve written a number of m/f erotic contemporary stories, I’ve been long wanting to write a number of f/f/m erotic romances, and what I was worrying about was losing a fan base for being who I really am as an author.

Four years ago, when I got into writing erotic stories, I was trying to find my way as a true erotic writer; learn the ropes and make a name of myself. I published my first book through a publisher – The Girl Upstairs, and it was my first official m/f erotic contemporary, but I learned that a number of my readers were young, hip, and outgoing women – a handful of them who were bisexual.

I wanted to cater to an audience that liked my work, but I was also afraid of taking a risk in publishing f/f/m, because I was approached a couple of years ago that most women don’t like reading ménage stories that consist of two women and one guy, because they didn’t enjoy reading lesbian scenes. I can’t argue that, but I rather cater to the few that liked it than the most, because I’m being true to myself.

Even on my Facebook page, recently, I posted some stuff on my author page of women kissing women, but not as much as I really wanted. After thinking about it hard… and over again, I decided where I want my books to target – bisexual women, since I’m able to understand what is it they want to read about.

Long before I’ve met my woman of nearly ten years, I was with a number of bisexual women, and today I still make good friends with bisexual women. I’m no woman, but I learned one thing that bisexual women want in a fantasy story – the best of both worlds to love them. I’m a male erotic writer, who likes reading and writing this kind of stuff, and as I opened that world of women into men and women, I learned that the women I associate online, in my town, and at my job are bisexual. I also learned that they enjoy reading this kind of stuff, and in reality they have a desire for women, either in a relationship or just a one night thing, and the same feelings for men.

I know, for sure, not all women end up with a guy, because some end up with a woman, but I’m able to relate to what is it they want to read about – stories that involve both a man and a woman in their lives. And now, I’ve finally come to a conclusion of following where my heart has long desired. When I wrote my first story, by the way, it was f/f/m story which I never published; still stashed away, lol. Now, it’s time to fulfill what is it I want to write and who is the audience I want to attract.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 08/19/2014: Strawberry

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers,
creating an erotic snippet in just 200 words; no more no less.

I had a very tough time finding a picture that will help my muse throughout the day, 
I nearly went crazy looking for something. Here is my piece called Strawberry. I hope you enjoy!

“Hold still,” Deon held his camera phone in place and snapped a picture of Emilia’s tatted pussy with a strawberry on top of it.

He snapped another picture and prided himself, with appreciation of the artwork. Deon loved the way her white Chantilly-laced stocking complimented the picture. Emilia’s was a natural for erotic inspirations – well, her body was.

He set down his camera phone and smiled. “You know, I’m getting hungry after taking this picture.”

“Well, which one you want to snack on – the strawberry or me?” Emilia asked as she caressed her tummy, sliding up to her beautiful, firm, pale breasts.

“Can I have both?” Deon asked playfully “The strawberry will be a late night snack.”

“Nope,” she shook her head playfully. “Gotta choose; fuck me or eat the strawberry.”

Deon took down his pants, and now his member was standing at full attention. He stepped in front of her and parted her legs. As he held her legs apart with one hand, he began stroking his shaft, leaving Emilia wanting.

Emilia asked, laughing her ass off. “What are you doing?”

“I have a better idea; how about I make you some strawberries and cream.”

“Yum, I’d like that!”

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Random Short Snippets

Hey guys, I'm just going to try to come out with short snippets each day, but right now I'm hosting a pilot.

Here is my piece.

They were alone, on the beach, away from anyone spotting them being naked on the white sands, where Laura watched Adam guide his cock inside her folds. Their bodies were covered with sand, but at this point Laura didn’t seem to care. She felt his shaft stretched out her walls of pleasure, and with one deep stroke, she couldn’t help but roll her eyes in ecstasy.

She closed her eyes and let the waves crash against their naked bodies. Her legs were held by his manly grip as she closed her eyes partially, looking at his cock going in and out of her pussy. It was a sight she couldn’t help noticing – the man had a huge girth and she couldn’t believe he was able to fit something that big inside of her.

His thrusts were suddenly strong; furious. Laura felt another ache she needed to tend to, so she slid her fingers over her nub and began rubbing as she watched herself get pummeled by his cock.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 08/15/2014: Give Him A Show

Hey guys, it's Friday, and I'm sort of in a crunch today. 

Here is my flash in 100 words. I hope you enjoy!

Vannah and Marina gazed into each other’s eyes and then kissed. She slipped her tongue inside Marina’s mouth and they swirled their tongues together while she felt Marina’s hands slide over her back; her other hand managed to reach her ass. Their kiss was so passionate, Vannah couldn’t help moaning in pleasure.

Then she pulled her kiss away and whispered in her ear.

“Mmmmm… let’s give your boyfriend a real show.”

Marina giggled when she turned her head and eyed at her half-naked boyfriend who seated on the chair, bound and gagged as he watched helplessly, while the two enjoyed themselves.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 08/14/2014: Love Out Of Lust - Part Five

Hey guys, what's up? 
It's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors provide their WIPs or published stories,
no more than 400 words. 

Today, I'm premiering mine in 287 words - My WIP to Love Out Of Lust Series Part 5!

I'm going to give you a sample of what's upcoming for the Fall of 2014.

This is in first draft, I hope you enjoy!


Alonzo took out his wallet and pulled out some ones as he paid the store clerk. “Here you go? Thanks.”
He walked over to the exit, picked up his duffle bag and opened the door, where he heard a familiar voice that alerted him – Marisol. She was yelling, but at who? At the moment he looked to his right, saw something very alarming – Daryl was held against his will by two other men, while another kid in a blue baseball cap approached him with an orange boxcutter. Marisol was screaming at him, pushing him away; she was hysterical.
“Jose, what the fuck are you doing!” She pushed him away. “You not suppose to anywhere near us! You fucking asshole, do you want to go to jail!”
“You motherfucker!” Daryl tried to break free from his friends hold, but he couldn’t .
Alonzo needed to react. He knew Daryl was in pure danger and there was no time to waste, but was Alonzo going to take on three guys at once? He set his duffle bag to the side and started to walk towards them. Amazingly, Marisol didn’t pay any attention to Alonzo approaching them; she was too focused on the man with the boxcutter.
Marisol screamed when she pushed him, but she never expected what will come out of Jose. “Jose, you fucking—” 

Then Alonzo witness something that suddenly enraged him – Jose backhanded Marisol in her face - in broad daylight! What a brazen son-of-a-bitch; in front of witnesses! Things were now about to get ugly for the kid as Alonzo saw red, leaving him no choice but to do drastic things to this kid; putting a hurt to this asshole was all he could think of.

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