Saturday, December 27, 2014

Random Short Snippets - 12/27/2014: Sex In Front Of A Mirror

I thought about writing more of these snippets, and it's been a while since I've written any.

Enjoy this 195 word short snippet.

Sierra leaned herself against the wall as she watched herself get fucked by her best friend, Todd.

“Look at yourself Sierra,” Todd whispered in her ear as rammed into her. “look how beautiful you are. You’re fucking gorgeous; no matter what.”

Sierra couldn’t find the words to say at the moment. She was enjoying the feeling of Todd impaling her body with his sword of flesh. Her nipples never felt this hard before. When she looked at her reflection in the mirror, she then smiled as she made her eye contact with Todd, who was caressing her hair with his hands, sliding through as he made a ponytail out of her hair, and gently pulled back to his command.

“Harder!” she whimpered. “I want to feel you suck on my neck while you fuck me!”

Todd was happy to oblige her request. He leaned in and sucked on the side of her neck. Sierra’s moans grew. The feeling of his bites against her neck intensified, she couldn’t help getting wet as his thrusts moved even faster.

“You’re very wet,” he said softly. “You’re gonna make me cum in you.”

“Please, I’m almost close!” She begged.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/26/2014: A Christmas Card for Peaches.

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great holiday.
I'm back with the last Flash Fiction Friday post for 2014, 
featuring my favorite characters -- Darla & Tyler, and their neighbors.

While I'm not an m/m erotic writer. I can write the genre.

And please forgive me, since I couldn't help being over by 20 words, here.

This pic was worth extending some words here.


“Cheer up Peaches,” Darla helped him carrying his groceries up the steps. “I’m sure your man Steve wanted to stay home for Christmas.”

“I know. It’s just another lonely Christmas Day, once again,” Peaches frowned.

Peaches inserted the key in the keyhole and unlocked the door. He opened the door and held it for Darla to follow him in. They set the groceries on the counter. “Thank you Darla for your help.”

“No problem.”

Peaches looked on the counter and saw an opened Christmas card with two naked men and snow-covered pine trees. “That wasn’t there.” He picked up the card and red it. “It’s from Steve. He’s here!”

“Hey Peaches,” Steve peered out into the living room. “I’m home.”

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 12/25/2014: A Thrill Seeking Relationship

Merry Christmas. Yes, I should be out there chilling with my lady, but a writer is never off on Christmas either, however. I'm only going to share this snippet and spend a wonderful Christmas with my lady.

This will be my last Thursday Tasters post for 2014. See you in 2015!

Come have a look at my WIP that I submitted to a publisher.

A Thrill Seeking Relationship


“You know, you’ve always been a wonderful kisser. Ever since Josh hung that mistletoe over us, it was all I could think about was how I enjoyed kissing you.”
“Me too. You know, I was at first worried what people would say when we made out in the subway, but being with you didn’t matter. I just love how make me feel so comfortable.”
Lourdes blew out her breath, fanning herself. “I’ve been turned on by women and men, but no one’s ever made me feel this wet like you.”
“Really?” Isabel asked.
“Yeah, you should feel how wet I am?” She backed away and lifted up her shirt. She unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped them to allow Isabel’s hand to slide. “Go ahead, feel it.”
Isabel slid her hand inside Lourdes’s jeans, giving her a feel. The way Lourdes reacted to Isabel’s touch, he wished he was her, right now, feeling how wet Lourdes was.
“Oh my, you’re very wet!” Isabel pulled her hand out. Her fingers were glazed from Lourdes’s juices. She then placed her fingers in her mouth to taste in her flavor. “Mmmm… why don’t you let my man feel how wet you are.”
Lourdes gave a husky reply, “Really, I’d love that!”
Isabel turned to Josh, “Josh, feel how wet she is.”
Josh approached her and felt his hand being held by Lourdes’s when she guided his hand inside her jeans to feel how wet she was. His fingers slipped past Lourdes’s panties, feeling the smoothness of her pussy. When he pressed inside her folds, he was intrigued to feel how wet she was.
He uttered softly, “Oh yes, she’s very wet.”
His eyes met Lourdes’s, she had a pure wanton look of lust when he fingered her. He wanted to kiss her so bad, he could feel his heart pumping to his chest. He contemplated doing the same to Isabel. He was the luckiest man alive to be alone with two women that wanted to fuck.
 He motion Isabel to come closer to him. “Come here, I want to feel your pussy too.”
Isabel unbuckled her belt and undid her pants to allow Josh slide his hand inside her. When he did, he felt the wetness of Isabel’s pussy. He pressed inside her folds, causing her to give the same reaction like Lourdes.
“How wet is she?” Lourdes was anxious to know.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

If You Had One Xmas Wish, What Would It Be?

If you had one Christmas wish what would it be?

We all have wishes, but there is that one wish you have in your heart, but you can only be allowed one. What would it be?

Mine, to be happy doing what I'm doing -- writing erotica and sharing it.

What's that one Xmas wish you always wanted?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Tasters - 12/23/2014: Never Alone For The Holidays

Hey guys, I want to wish you Happy Holidays from the author himself. 
Tis the season to be giving with a sexy, scene.


Jamar couldn’t believe that he lost his keys, and the he had to get the super to unlock his door to get him. When Jamar entered, he was thankful to be home. He lost his entire set of keys somewhere between work and the conference. How could he be so careless?

He flicked the lights and saw something on his kitchen counter – his set of keys on top of a note. He wondered, how the hell did they get there? Someone was definitely in his apartment. He stepped inside to read the note: Sorry I swiped your keys at work. We shouldn’t spend Christmas alone. All I want is you in the living room.

He set the note down and walked out of the kitchen. When he flicked the switch in the living room, he noticed a gorgeous half-naked woman with strawberry blonde hair, wearing a red bra and panties with white leg stockings and Christmas cap. She held a candy cane in her hand, laying on top of a white fur coat and Christmas items around the floor.

Jamar dropped his jaw, “Kelly.”

Kelly spoke in her husky voice. “Merry Christmas baby. Why don’t you come over and unwrap your present.”

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 12/19/2014: Lisa's Paperback Discovery

Hey guys, it's that time again for Flash Fiction Friday.

Here is my piece for this Friday.

Darla and Lisa took their seat on the light rail train as took off from their stop. Lisa set her large handbag next to her, when it tipped over and spilling all the contents on the floor.

“Shit!” Lisa said as she bent down to pick up her stuff.

Darla bent down to help her. She paused when she picked up a paperback book with a racy cover of a woman dressed in a leather nun outfit and shredded nylon stockings. The book was titled in pink Sinful Sex Stories, which immediately intrigued her until Lisa swiped the book of her hand.

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