Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers - 11/25/2014: MMS at Work

It's been some time since I've been on here - Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers.

Lately, I've been busy with the transition of leaving my management job two weeks ago, organizing my website, AfterDark Online, and getting deep into my manuscripts. 

One of them that I'm looking forward to get back to is my weekly writing events on my blog. I now have a lot of free time on my hands. I need to get my ass back into the writing world with my author friends, whom I truly miss being around so much in the Facebook groups. 

I look forward to get deeply involved more.

Anyways, here is a post about my two favorite characters -- Tyler Jones & Darla Wright. 
I'm also going to finish up re-writing the story About The Night Ride Home, and begin the Darla Loves Tyler Series with a bang!

Here is a snippet, not from the story, but from a photo I found. I'm a bit over by three words. Sorry, but enjoy!

Well, what do you want me to wear for dinner?

Tyler looked to his left and then to his right, to make sure no one was going to catch him on his phone. If he got caught, he could face a possible write-up. Darla knew the policy herself; they work together, but she kept texting him and there were moments Tyler couldn’t get back to her because he was working.

He hid by the stock room doorway, where he could watch the sales floor, but respond back to her.

We’re only going to Ruby Tuesdays; nothing exquisite or spectacular. Just wear whatever.

He stood by and waited for her to text back. He watched the sales floor, and carefully tucked his phone back in his pocket. After a few minutes, he felt his phone vibrate. Darla had gotten back to him.

Tyler carefully took out his phone to view the message. His eyes quickly bulged out when she sent him a picture message of herself wearing a white peacoat and black stockings, with garter straps that extended past her thighs.

You said wear whatever. How’s this?

Tyler wanted to savor the sexy photo of Darla, until someone walked up to him, catching him off-guard. 

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 11/14/2014

Hiyadoin'? It's time for that segment of Flash Fiction Friday, 
and I'm looking forward to get back in that game. 

Here's what I have in store for you in 100 words.

Delia was a pure glow for the morning – the kind of dream any man would enjoy sleeping and waking up to; a bliss of beauty. She stood there watching what was going on from the window in her see-thru negligee exposed her most bodily assets from head to toe, but there was only one problem with her, she didn’t belong to Brad. As much as she enjoyed his company, there was something very disturbing as she stared out from the balcony window.

“Delia, what’s wrong?” Bradley asked as he got out of bed.

“My husband’s home. He’s a week early.”

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser - 11/11/2014: Sierra's First Time

Hey guys, it's been a while since I've been on here.
I'm looking forward to get started with a I truly love - a weekly dose of Tantalizing Tuesday Teasers

In this segment, it's been a while since I've written a f/f snippet. 
I thought I would share in 200 words.
Originally, the word count was more, but I had to find ways to shorten it.

“Don’t be so nervous.” Allie extended her finger, emphasizing her to come closer. “Come here. I won’t bite you.”

Sierra felt a bit nervous, but excited. She was long curious to find out what it was like to have sex with a woman. She was curious to explore another woman’s body, to find out what it feels to kiss, caress, and make love someone who is anatomically the same as her.

When she placed her knee on the seat, between Allie’s legs, Allie slid her hand around her right thigh. Sierra rested her hands on the armrest of the chair, and leaned in when kissed the softness of Allie’s lips.

“How does it feel?” Allie asked, when Sierra pulled away.

“Good,” Sierra responded while taking in the pheromones of her kiss. “Can I try that again?”

Allie smiled. There was no real response, but surely that smile meant a yes.

Sierra leaned in again and kissed her, this time more passionately. She felt Allie’s hand caress her thigh, all the way up to her sex. By the time she felt Allie’s fingers slide under her, Allie broke away from her kiss with an intrigued expression.

“Oh my, you’re very wet.”

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Beginning Of A New Era -- Being An Author

Well, this is it -- I'm no longer the manager of a department, where I took pride of my staff, but never forgot where I came from, and never forgot what they did to make me look good. I want to thank them, but the main reason for me leaving was the most difficult decision of my life -- to continue being in management or take the biggest, calculating risk of my entire life. 

It's a scary road ahead, and I'm uncertain where I'll go, but I have a positive feeling to finish up the projects that I've longed wanted to complete -- a number of books to write and share to the public, beginning my fans.

To the staff at the Wendover Nugget: Thank you, it's been a real pleasure, but I'm not dead, lol. You'll see me, and there were many whom I consider a good friend. And now, a new era begins as I pursue my passion.

- Ray Sostre
Erotic Romance Author and founder of AfterDark Online.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - 10/24/2014: Don't Answer

Hey guys, it's time to end the weekend with a Friday Flash Fiction, up to 100 words.

Nyla was in her wardrobe room, barely putting on her cream-colored corset dress. She picked up her compact mirror and looked at her reflection when her phone beeped on the counter. Nyla set down her compact mirror on the counter and checked her message. When she looked on her screen, Nyla was in dismay over her little sister’s message. She insisted of asking where she was performing.

For a second, Nyla wished she hadn’t told her sister that she got the part acting. She got the part performing sex acts at an underground theatre. Her little sister may not understand.

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Thursday Tasters - 10/23/2014: Their First Night Together on Gratis: Transformations

Hey guys, it's time for another segment of Thursday Tasters, where authors post their WIPs or published stories on here, in no more than 400 words. 

And today, I'm providing another segment to my story Their First Night Together, found on an erotic anthology called Gratis: Transformations, featuring a number of authors, including me and their delicious erotic stories.

Jared took a scoop of ice cream and took in the flavor. It was delicious, no wonder Natalie had enjoyed it. It tasted like homemade apple pie. As he took another scoop, he looked at her and a sudden thought crossed his mind, making him laugh.
“What is it?” Natalie asked.
Jared shook his head; a twisted sexual thought  had crossed his mind. “Nothing.”
“What do you mean nothing?” she pressed. “Tell me.”
“I don’t think you’d like the idea.”
“What’s that?’
“It was just a naughty thought.” He handed her the pint of ice cream. “Never mind.”
Natalie gave him a curious look. “Don’t never mind me; tell me your naughty thought.”
“Do you really want to know?”
“Yeah.” She nodded, scooping up for another bite of ice cream.
“Well, it’s going to require a demonstration.”
“What demonstration?”
If she really wanted a demonstration, he was going to give her one – a naughty demonstration, that much was certain!
“Okay, when I look at this pint of ice cream and I know it’s delicious, but the only problem is it’s missing something.”
Natalie tried to understand what he was saying, but she was curious. “What’s it missing?”
Natalie was taken aback by his answer. “Cake?”
“Yes, cake.” He grabbed the pint of ice cream, took another scoop before moving close to her. “I look at you, and you’re the delicious cake that goes well with the ice cream.”
Natalie laughed. It was silly, but such a cute thing to say. “Oh god, you’re such goof!”
“No I’m not. I’m serious.” He took a step in her direction, holding the scoop of ice cream against her shoulder. “You’re that delicious cake that goes well with the ice cream.”
Natalie didn’t protest Jared’s actions. The chill from his spoon left a frisson of pleasure in her body.
Then, she asked, quivering her lips seductively, “If I’m that cake that goes well with the ice cream, what does that make you?”
“The man who wants to eat you.”
“Oh yeah?” She narrowed her eyes slightly, locking into his. “You’ll need a fork for that cake.”
“I already have one.” He took the remaining scoop into his mouth, and placed his spoon on the counter. Jared then leaned in and licked the dribble ice cream off her shoulder.
             He spoke softly. “You taste delicious.”

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Seven Lovely Things about Ray Sostre

I was tagged by Sarah Michelle Lynch, an indie-author of sci-fi, romance, and erotic romance – one noted for her work The Chambermaid Series. Sarah asked me to participate in the Seven Lovely Things Blog Tour.

The rules are simple, share 7 Lovely Facts about myself, nominate 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that I enjoy reading, and nominate those same 15 blogs to do the same, linking back to my post.
So now you get to learn seven lovely things about me, Sarah Michelle Lynch:

Seven Lovely Things about Ray Sostre

  1. First, and foremost, I’m an erotic romance author. When I got into writing erotica, it was by accident when I came across a story on a story submissions site (which I won’t name) that was written in a style of porn-no-plot. I told the guy he wrote like shit, and I was later challenged by the author to do better. It was then everything else became history in the summer of 2010. Six months prior to becoming an erotic romance writer, my father and I spoke on the phone, and he was telling me that I should get back to writing. At that time, I was laid off from work and was going through a dark period in my life. When I wrote erotic stories, it was giving me a purpose, helping me get through some down moments in my life.

All of my books are under my real name – Ray Sostre. However, it isn’t the legal name I was given at birth. I’ve been called Ray since I was eight years old. My driver’s license says otherwise. LOL.

  1. When I thought of AfterDark Online in the beginning of 2009, I was thinking of creating an online adult store, where I sell pornographic videos, sex toys, condoms, and lingerie. I was looking to go into business with my stepson, but he had his kid born and I was left to decide where to go with the idea. By the summer of 2009, I decided to put it on hold until I was laid off from a job in February 2010. I knew I had too much time on my hands, and I re-trained myself on learning how to develop a website. I initially created the website in June of 2010, but at that time I had only intended to create a social website, until I decided to make it a story submission site, and officially launched the site on October 11th, 2010.

  1. AfterDark Online was named after my personal label when I was a club DJ in the late 1990s and early 2000s making mixtapes. I mixed mainly electronica and bass. I’m still a fan of the genre, while I love listening to hip hop and R&B. Until this day, I have the respect of all the mixmaster DJs in the club. I would rather go listen to a DJ than a band in the night clubs. And before I drop dead, I hope to party at one of the major venues in my hometown – New York City, just one last time.

  1. The erotic stories that I writer are exclusively fictional. None of them are based on true stories of others. In fact, I prefer to write about non-alpha males who are easy-going and women with personal demons. Plus, I prefer to write interracial romance and a genre of what I call Hispanerotica (erotic romance of Hispanic characters). I hate writing the typical cliché stuff that I’ve read in books, because I’ve noticed the constant trend in description of characters and stories, and I don’t believe in following a market that makes it very typical.

  1. When I first wrote the series Love Out Of Lust, I didn’t know what I was really doing in May 2013. I wasn’t sure if I wanted the story to be a series of sexual adventures or just make it dramatic as possible, but it was then when I looked at my erotic novel (yet never published; a work-in-progress) About The Night Ride Home and decided to make it a dramatic erotic romance. I knew I had something different and unique in the story, but I wanted to be identifiable among Hispanics, because I’m from a Hispanic descent (Puerto Rican), and the number of my fans are Hispanics. I knew had something going.

  1. Despite the number of stories I enjoyed writing, my most favorite story to write is About The Night Ride Home – the beginning of Darla Love Tyler Series – a story about a lonely, easy-going young man who’s life is changed when he encountered an adventurous woman on the train with secrets. What I love about the story is the fun I can create between the two, of course with the erotic adventures involved. While I all my stories have erotic grittiness, About The Night Ride Home will be the only story filled with light-hearted fun and adventure with a twist of erotica. I wanted to paint the most dreamiest interracial couple ever.

  1. My biggest fear is being out of touch with the times. I look at the people around my age and baby-boomers, and already they want to reminisce about how times were more fun in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, never accepting the fact that their heydays are long over. While, I am fond of the times, I believe in moving forward with the times. I didn't want to be like the older generation, criticizing the young for making their world disappear. I remembered what it was like to be young and idealistic; I never like to forget where I come from. The day I ever think that way is the day I need to sleep in a grave of ignorance. Even though MTV doesn’t play music videos, and hip hop music of my time is not the same, I still prefer to listen to new music and get to know who’s the hottest DJs on the scene (hip hop, R&B, and electronica).
And for my nominations:

Suzzanna C. Ryan – a very talented author and founder of Bitten Press.
Hedonist Six – author of erotic romance and founder of the Gratis Anthology Collection.
Ethan Radcliff – a rising star of BDSM erotic romance
Don Abdul – a talented author of interracial erotic romance.
Gemma Parkes – a scorching author of erotic romance
Pablo Michaels – author of m/m erotic romance.
Julez Mrobius – author of LGBT erotic romance, mainly transgendered
Beth Carter Рauthor of m̩nage, m/m erotic romance, and contemporary
Felicity Brandon – author of BDSM stories.
Muffy Wilson – author of erotic romance, organizer of weekly writing events
Naomi Shaw – erotic author, organizer of weekly writing events
Angora Shade – author of many different erotic stories
Tonya Kinzer – author of erotic romance and BDSM
Marabelle Blue – founder of a media site Kink-E Magazine.
Lucy Felthouse – erotic author of many genres and found of Writing Marketing Company